Owing it to our collaboration with the best experts in mechanics and electronics the Romar company provides its Customers with equipment and machines, which continue their operational service for many years to come. We have become experts in tool grinding machines manufactured by the former Swedish company – Junger, and we are proud to say that we know everything about tool grinders of this make.
Our offer includes used machines and also overhauled machines. Grinders which have been overhauled boast parameters of a new machine and come with a new 12-month guarantee. In our offer we always have several grinders of this particular make as well as an extensive range of accessories. You can also leave your old Junger machine with us in part exchange.
We also provide a range of services for conventional and numerically controlled machines. We can adjust any machine of your choice to your specific needs by installing ruler bars, stepping motor encoders or other elements which will facilitate operator’s work. We are also experienced in dismantling large-sized machines such as boring machines, turning and boring lathes, or plano grinders, and others. On your request we can pack machines into containers and/or transport them to the place of your choice. If you have not found the machine you are looking for on our website, or you are looking for a specific machine, a particular production line or any other equipment or machinery, please contact us. We cooperate with a number of companies, especially from German-speaking countries. Our contacts make it possible to find the right machine in no time at all.

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